1. Minnesota

Where Matt grew up and where we met! Many wonderful adventures had here.

We begin this blog with the state where we met and where Matt grew up:


We both have a soft spot for this place and its beauty, especially in the summer. (Sorry, people, nobody misses -35 wind chills.)

As for breweries and tracks, we’ve done a TON in Minnesota, so it’s hard to pick our favorites.

So, onto the good part: We’ve hiked ALL OVER Minnesota together, including 14 state parks. So we decided to highlight our top 3 favorite hikes, in no particular order.


1.  Minneopa State Park

This is a good representation of Minnesota’s winter beauty. We went to Minneopa State Park in February of 2016 and were not disappointed. There isn’t a ton of hiking involved, but if you can still feel your face when you get to the main event, that’s a win in my book.

There are also wild buffalo at this park, but they weren’t out when we visited. I was bummed.

2. Interstate State Park. 

This is one of my favorites because it was the first “long” road trip we ever took together, and there are a ton of very different landscapes to explore. You go from the woods, to a stream, across the highway, to the St. Croix River — where you’ll find overlooks and colorful glacial deposits and lava flows.

Plus, I convinced Matt to veer off the trail with me, we ended up totally LOST on someone’s private property (during hunting season), I lost my phone in a pile of leaves, and then I stepped in a half-frozen stream and had a soaking wet foot for the rest of the day. Afterward, we stopped at a sculpture garden AND I convinced him to take a picture by a giant mouse with cheese.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3. The North Shore

This is kind of cheating because it’s more than one hike, but it’s WORTH IT I PROMISE. Right before we left, we took a 2-day Northern Minnesota waterfall tour. We made a grand list of the biggest and best waterfalls on the shores of Lake Superior, and hiked 30 miles of our gorgeous state.

Lastly, a Minnesota GEM – Williams Arena! Somehow it took 32 years to get here, but Devin pulled some strings and made some agreements to get great seats to a Gopher basketball game. The Gophers were terrible that year, but it was ok since I spent half the game in awe of the Barn!


Thanks for reading about our latest adventure!!
You can check out our full list of breweries and tracks in every state we’ve visited.
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-Devin and Matt 

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