50 First States: An Introduction

Welcome to our blog!

IMG_5466.jpg We are Devin and Matt: a Pittsburgh transplant and a displaced Minnesotan, respectively. Right now, we live on the East Coast and together, we love four things:

  1. Tracks
  2. Breweries
  3. Hiking
  4. Exploring new cities

Matt, a recovering track star, started a goal of running every track in the state of Minnesota right around the time we met. He made it to 233 before we moved.

Conveniently, before I met Matt, I was on a mission to visit every brewery I could! (Much less healthy, arguably more fun). I made it to 21 unique breweries in Minnesota.

Now that we’re together and living in a more travel-friendly area of the U.S., we’ve decided to visit all 50 states together.

There’s one catch: we are CHEAP people.  

Follow our adventures as we seek the best hikes and the best tastes in every state — on a serious budget!



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