2. Wisconsin


Wisconsin is right next door to Minnesota, so it makes sense we’ve been there together!

We’ve gone on several hikes, but realized we haven’t done a track OR a brewery behind the Cheddar Curtain! (HA!) One day we’ll make it back there.

img_1612Our favorite hike in Wisco has to be Perrot State Park in Trempeleau in the fall. We had only started dating a few months before, and Matt is very fit, so I was convinced on every hike I COULDN’T be a big heaving out-of-breath baby… until we went here. It was a 500 foot climb that absolutely KILLED ME. I was rolling around in leaves on the ground and it was really embarrassing.

Somehow he stuck around.

IMG_3083.jpgBy the way, La Crosse knows what’s up when it comes to Christmas lights! We stopped by the Rotary Lights last Christmas and were absolutely amazed.

In the words of Matt, “It’s embarrassing we don’t have at track or a brewery.” We’ll work on that.




Thanks for reading about our latest adventure!!
-Devin and MattĀ 

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