3. Florida

Sunshine and really cool adventure hats!

The third state we visited together, and really our first “vacation”, was  a quick trip to Florida to visit my sister and brother-in-law! They live near Tampa and basically always have impeccable weather.

AND THEY HAVE A BOAT!! So we got to enjoy the sunshine and walk around on some little islands. I’ve visited plenty of times before, so it was fun showing Matt around the area.

Our visit to Tampa cost us $180 each round trip for flights. A good deal, but before we learned the tricks to getting them for really cheap. This was really the trip that sparked our idea to visit all 50 together!

I visited Anclote Brewing a few years ago, but this trip, Matt got to run a track!

Thanks for reading about our latest adventure!!
You can check out our full list of breweries and tracks in every state we’ve visited.
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-Devin and Matt 

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