5. Pennsylvania


thumb_img_4621_1024I’m from Pennsylvania, so we’ve visited my family plenty since we moved back to the east coast. Our first big trip, we went to a Pirate’s game in Pittsburgh. It was about a zillion degrees, but we had a great time! We have yet to hike in PA, but I expect that will be coming this spring! There’s lots to do in the Poconos area, but we want to go when the waterfalls are movin’!


Around Christmastime in 2016, we spent the whole day in the ‘Burgh. We saw the PPG Place skating rink, Santas from around the world, and went to a bunch of breweries. Penn Brewery was our favorite!! We also stopped at Church Brew Works before hopping over to the Phipps Conservatory to see their holiday display.

We’ve since visited Philly (Liberty Bell!!) and have been back to Pittsburgh many times. Comment if you need tips on things to do or place to see!!



Thanks for reading about our latest adventure!!
-Devin and Matt 

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