7. Virginia

Our first trip to Vermont was a hiking trip as a surprise for Matt’s birthday. I gave him a bunch of clues, but didn’t tell him where we were going until the morning of, when we were already on the road! Virginia, specifically the Blue Ridge Mountains, are beautiful.

The whole trip cost us about $250 for three days, including two nights in a cabin and gas. We brought all our own food, which was part of the reason I booked a cabin with a kitchen!

My favorite part was Lake Moomaw! The best part, though, was on the Laura Ingalls Wilder Trail. We thought we could get to the overlook about a mile away before sunset… and that didn’t happen. It got dark REALLY fast and we had seen signs warning us of bears all over the place! So we started SINGING to keep them away! Using my phone as a flashlight, we sang in the dark for a full mile back to the car. Terrifying… but hilarious.

Here’s our video:



Thanks for reading about our latest adventure!!
-Devin and MattĀ 

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