13. Georgia

img_3583Our trip to Georgia was a short, but fun one. I’ve been to Savannah before, but Matt had not (and in this blog, it doesn’t count if we haven’t explored it together).

When looking for a brewery, the hours we’re TERRIBLE! I knew there had to be a reason why they all closed at 7 on a Saturday night. We found out from some brewers in South Carolina that Georgia has some of the worst brewery laws in the country. They can only be open so many hours per week, can’t directly sell pints (just give tours), and that made it impossible to fit a brewery into our Savannah dinner plans. We’ll catch one next time.
We did have some great BBQ tacos and saw some of the beautiful Spanish Moss that makes Savannah look like a perfect southern postcard. We took some time to walk around the historic district, visit the outside of Bonaventure Cemetery (it was closed – our timing wasn’t really that great for this trip), and we also drove around in circles for years looking for parking!!

img_3578Plus we took this disgustingly corny pic (we take two dance lessons and now we’re experts…)

We absolutely want to go back, see some more, and DRINK GEORGIAN BEER! Luckily tickets are insanely cheap from our airport.

Thanks for reading about our latest adventure!!
-Devin and Matt 

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