14. North Carolina 

North Carolina has always been one of my favorite states for it’s laid back demeanor and proximity to the coast. We stopped in Charlotte on our way back north from Dante’s graduation. Our first stop was NoDa Brewing, a spot I first read about in an in-flight magazine and was excited to try! The building was simple but awesome, and beers were good. Next up was Free Range, where Matt kicked my ass in scrabble and we listened to some awesome local tunes. Also in this picture we are very shiny. (???)

By this point – were hungry, tired of driving, sunburnt as all get-out, and didn’t even opt for a local dinner (FAIL). We picked up two Domino’s $5.99 pizzas and ate them in bed!! By the time evening rolled around, we forced ourselves to get out and go to Wooden Robot Brewing. A few sips in, we were so tired and full of pizza, we struggled to finish the beer!!

The next morning, we stopped at UNC for a track and Matt was really disappointed to find out it NO LONGER EXISTS! They must be doing some resurfacing. So we went to Duke, (or “Puke” as he fondly called it) and he ran the track and we walked around their amazing/gorgeous/super cool campus!

Kind of a lame attempt at North Carolina-ing, but I have no doubt we’ll be back.


Thanks for reading about our latest adventure!!
-Devin and Matt 

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