20. Arizona

IMG_2941It’s the only state I’ve been to where everybody is from somewhere else. Our 19th state was Arizona, a state known for cool cactuses and transplants. Matt and I were originally planning to head to Mississippi during this time, but found dirt-cheap tickets to Phoenix we just couldn’t pass up.

Our $104 round-trip tickets from BWI -> PHX were thanks to United’s new-ish Basic Economy seats (according to Mashable, recently expanded to even more flights)! We could only bring one “personal item” (backpack) each and had no ability to change or alter our tickets/seats once they were purchased. Unlike Spirit Air, where everybody is in the same “bare fare” boat, United’s Basic Economy peasants get to sit right next to regular passengers who paid a lot more to bring their mini rolling suitcases. We even got free coffee!

IMG_2859But I digress. Arizona was amazing. AMAZING! It was Matt’s favorite trip so far, and for me, a close tie with Colorado. We started our first day (we were awake for 21 hours…) at Tacolandia! We gorged on tacos from dozens of amazing Arizona vendors for HOURS. Matt ate 15. Seriously impressive. We visited with two of my sorority sisters, and got a great inside tour of the city from Jenna, who has lived downtown for more than two years.

IMG_2890Our sunny Sunday was fueled by a full dozen donuts from The Local Donut! We ran across this little spot by accident on our way north to Sedona and the dough was SO DELICIOUS! Sedona was about a two-hour drive from Scottsdale and the views were worth every second on the road. We hiked Devil’s Bridge and Doe Mountain and were in total disbelief of the beauty of both. We escaped with lots of awesome pictures and only two cactus scratches!


Monday, we frolicked a bit around Old Town Scottsdale, eating ice cream and drinking beers until we were too full to eat dinner…. which is never a problem, in my opinion. We had lots of great recommendations from my mom’s friend who lives nearby (and recently followed our blog! Hi, Shawn!)

IMG_2956Throughout our trip, we found GREAT brews at McFate Brewing, Helio Basin Brewing, and Goldwater Brewing.  Matt also weaseled his way onto the Arizona State University track AND one epic high school track near Sedona with a great view of the mountains.

Another note: we loved the hotel we picked: 3 Palms! If you’re looking for a place to stay, it was clean, quiet, and has a great pool. Matt swung it for about $80/night on Priceline’s bid tool.

IMG_2971Overall, we were SO SAD to leave! And not just because it was 80 degrees and sunny. We found the people of Arizona were friendly, polite, and they even use turn signals! In all, we were able to do three full days in Arizona for about $400 per person; including hotel, car rental, airfare, and food. Not bad for a cross-country trip… all in all, these adventures are the greatest Christmas gift we could have ever gotten each other!


Thanks for reading about our latest adventure!! We don’t receive anything in exchange for our reviews and links, we just want to share our experiences with you. 

You can check out our full list of breweries and tracks in every state we’ve visited.

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-Devin and Matt 

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