21. New York

nyc2New York Pro Tip: If you want to beat the tourist crowds, just do all your touring when it’s 40 and raining!

Our 20th state was New York, and involved a quick trip to New York City. Matt had never visited, but I interned at a TV station there in college and was able to concoct a pretty walkable itinerary that hit all the big tourist spots — and four boroughs!

Also: bagels. We ate so many bagels. 

We got to New York by MegaBus from Baltimore, which I do not recommend if you want to sit next to your travel buddy. The bus starts in DC, so by the time it stops in Baltimore, most of the rows are taken by single travelers already settled into a nap and not interested in relocating.

If you’ve been to New York City, chances are, you’ve seen *most*of the things we saw on the first half of our trip! We started with bagels (duh)… then headed to the 9/11 Memorial, made our way down to the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty from a dreary distance, stopped at Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, walked halfway down and back on the Brooklyn Bridge, had lunch in Little Italy, then saw/became trapped in a Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown.

Again, though… it was 40 and raining. I had the pleasure of drying my socks and shoes with a hand dryer in the bathroom of the Staten Island Ferry station.

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With the storm nearly over, we hopped on a subway to Brooklyn, where I was d-y-i-n-g to try a Rainbow Bagel from this viral video. It was bright, delicious, filled with amazing funfetti cream cheese, and worth the extra subway stops! We then walked to the Brooklyn Brewery, and after one very expensive plastic cup of beer, realized we had totally finished our list of stuff to do on the first day! So, we went to the Bronx!

Matt ran a great track with an amazing view at Macombs Dam Park, in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. We then Ubered over to the Bronx Brewery! We  Finally, we ended our day back in Manhattan at one of my old favorites: McSorley’s Old Ale House (One light and one dark, please!)


All of that was just the FIRST DAY! Our trip also included Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, Central Park, MORE BAGELS OF COURSE, a quick stop outside my old internship at ABC7 NY, a $1 slice of delicious pizza, and walking the High Line before we got on the bus.

Matt saved a lot of money by, once again, using the Priceline Bid Tool. We stayed at Even Hotel, which is brand new and modern and clean and even has cool trendy workout equipment in the room. Matt got the room for about $80 a night (with taxes and fees it wound up being about $200 total for both nights, still about $110 cheaper than if we had booked on their site). We also saved money by walking a LOT and reloading MetroCards to use the subway when necessary.

One more thing: Monday, after we checked out of the hotel, we used Vertoe luggage checking service so we didn’t have to lug our bags around. They have many locations around the city, and charged us about $12 to stash our backpacks behind the counter of a souvenir store for the day. What a great idea!!

Overall, for an expensive city, we KILLED this trip and had a great time!

Thanks for reading!! Only 30 more states to go!!

-Devin and Matt

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