24. Rhode Island

Our trip to Rhode Island was a quick but relaxing one. As soon as we got off the plane in Boston, we rented a car and drove right to Rhode Island (tip: we took free public transportation into the city and rented from a facility *away* from the airport for a much lower price… I think the rental was under $40 for 24 hours).

We went straight to the coast. Newport was a little chilly, but we walked a few miles on the Cliff Walk, which was stunning and so peaceful the whole way around! We then drove down into Newport for lunch before heading north.

On our way back up to Providence (where we spent the night, since it was dramatically less expensive than Newport), we stopped at Revival Brewing Co and Buttonwoods Brewing for a few beers. I love trips like this — because we are on our time and no one else’s.

We spent the night in Providence, grabbing donuts in the morning at the unique and colorful PV Donuts.

But… Matt needed to get a track! The fences around Brown were insanely high, and we determined the night before that there was no hope of jumping them. We went back in the morning, and to our surprise, there were professional runners training on the track! We walked over, explained Matt’s goal to them, and they let him take a lap. I talked to one of the older guys there, a coach, who explained one of them is Molly Huddle‘s husband! (She is an Olympian and one of the fastest women in the country).

Matt’s now only a few universities away from running all of the Ivy League tracks! Thank you, Rhode Island, for a quick and relaxing visit!

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