25. Maine

HALFWAY THERE!! Our 25th state on the quest to visit all 50 is… Maine! And it was a big trip. First of all, we drove the whole 11.5 hours to Bar Habor and Acadia National Park. Secondly, we camped. For the first time ever. In my childhood tent. In the rain. More on that later…

Maker:0x4c,Date:2017-11-18,Ver:4,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar01,E-YWe made a quick stop outside of Portland for delicious BBQ at Noble Meats and drinks at Allagash Brewing (Allagash White is my go-to, so it was awesome to visit its home!). We then continued north to Orono where Matt ran the University of Maine track, before making the trek toward Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

These kinds of trips are, by far, my favorite kind. You’re on your own time. You don’t have to wear makeup or real clothes. You can put your phone on airplane mode and breathe in fresh air and have dirty hair and eat Cheetos for lunch and not care what anyone else is thinking of you.

That said, we knew we were going to go without showers for a few days, so we got dinner within civilization on our first night… before we got smelly. Two Maine lobsters, a pound of mussels, and corn for $40 total. SIGN ME UP.

IMG_20180614_072801.jpgOur first night camping was… IN TENTS. (hAAAAHAhahaha) Really… it rained during our stay at Blackwoods Campground and the KMart tent my parents bought for me 18 years ago just couldn’t hold up and started to leak. Luckily, we sopped things up before anything got too wet. It also didn’t help that we were sleeping on yoga mats and it did enough damage that the next night was miserable.

Anyway, we spent the whole day hiking and driving around Acadia! We found it to be a little like the Disney World of the national parks. Pretty much everything is accessible by car and has a bathroom nearby, so there’s not much incentive to hike for hours if you don’t have to work for the view. There were loads of other visitors (even though we visited on a weekday, before th

e height of tourist season)… and I can see why! The views are breathtaking and the trails are easy to follow. IMG_20180614_184115.jpg

We ended a full, full day of walking and exploring with beers and burgers on a hastily-made campfire!

My favorite part, though, was waking up at 3am to watch a foggy sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. Matt is such a great travel partner, because he’s not only down for — but EXCITED FOR – things like that.

We took the coastal route back home, stopping in Portland along the way for a full pie, more beers at Liquid Riot and a pretty lighthouse backdrop at Portland Head in Cape Elizabeth.

You can see the awesome sunrise, plus more pictures and us awkwardly setting up our ten in the video below!

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