27. Alaska

img_20180822_183330State number 27 was… Alaska! We visited Ketchikan in August, where I have family I had never met. My mom’s father, step-mom, and three brothers and their families all live there. This was a big, once in a lifetime trip to meet family I had never known.

Right off the plane, Matt and I took the ferry to the main side of the island and figured out the city bus system. We took the bus alllll the way to the end of the line, where Matt knew there was a track. He hopped off… and while the bus driver waited to re-start his route, Matt ran to the track, did a quick lap, and ran back to the bus just in time! img_20180820_163722

Then we stopped at Bawden Street Brewery, the first brewery in Ketchikan in 15 years. We picked up some other Alaska beers at the liquor store and had an informal “tasting” with my mom and brother on the front porch of our little apartment.


The next day, we got to hike Dude Mountain with my brother. The hike was intense, but so incredibly rewarding at the top! (Check out the amazing video from the drone, below).

The day ended with us sinking our feet into a clear lake we found at the foot of the mountain.

We really lucked out with weather and got an amazing look at Ketchikan on Zodiak boats with my Uncle Nick. (We saw some bald eagles up close and kept our eyes peeled for bears!) Ketchikan2018-170.jpg

During our four days in Alaska, we had many a Duck Fart shot at the local pubs, and got to sit on my grandfather’s boat from 1904, The Stimson, and get to know them. I left with some new family turned friends, and a new appreciation for their way of life! Watch our video below:




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