About This Blog

We are Devin and Matt: a couple with a passion for traveling, exploring and saving money.

Here are our goals: 

  1. Visit all 50 states together.
  2. A “visit” means we actually have to experience it! No drive-thru’s allowed.
  3. Each visit must include a track and a brewery.
  4. Be incredibly frugal (the cheaper the trips, the more of them we can take!)
  5. Do it all before 2021.

img_2935A little about us:

We live in Baltimore, Maryland. Matt grew up in central Minnesota. Devin grew up in southwest Pennsylvania. We met while living in Rochester and moved across the country together just ten months into our relationship.

We’ve chosen experiences over things.

Traveling requires the privilege of disposable income, so we work hard to create wiggle room in our budget. We buy everything on sale, research to find the best deals and lowest prices, and we furnished our entire home for free by selling things we no longer use and buying used stuff on Craigslist. We even moved into a less expensive rental so we can afford to do the thing we love most: TRAVEL! 

We don’t receive anything from anyone in exchange for our recommendations. We simply want to share our honest experiences with you. Thanks for reading and following our quest to experience all 50 states together in five years!

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