11. Colorado

TRACK: University of Colorado, Boulder

BREWERY: Great Divide

COST: $67 roundtrip flights, plus $240 total for 3 nights of lodging, $54 total for all ground transport

This trip was definitely our most expensive, but it was our Christmas gift to each other and we did it in a smart way! We chose Colorado because tickets were insanely cheap — just $67 round trip on Frontier Air.


We stayed at the Magnolia downtown, which not only had FREE cookies and milk every night, but was clean, friendly, and in the perfect spot to walk or take the free MallRide bus all over town.

Matt got three nights for a total of $240 using the Priceline bid tool.



denver2Our key to keeping this trip cheap was using public transportation — we spent only $54 total for all transportation. We woke up really early to hike Bear Peak in Boulder, and did it with $9 ride-all-day bus tickets! We found Colorado public transportation to be AMAZING!

We had YakTracks (no microspikes, though) which helped as it got snowier and icier higher up. Matt could have ran up that thing, but I had to stop every 20 feet because I felt like I was dying.

denver3We also stopped at some awesome (and one not-so-awesome) breweries in Denver! Our favorite was Great Divide. It was free admission day at the art museum, so we toured around there for a bit before catching some of my sorority sisters for a birthday brunch! Somehow, we also found our way into the Coors Field after a tour guide saw us perusing outside the gates.


Overall, an AMAZING trip and full of new experiences. We’re already planning our next trip back!


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-Devin and Matt 

50 First States: An Introduction

Welcome to our blog!

IMG_5466.jpg We are Devin and Matt: a Pittsburgh transplant and a displaced Minnesotan, respectively. Right now, we live on the East Coast and together, we love four things:

  1. Tracks
  2. Breweries
  3. Hiking
  4. Exploring new cities

Matt, a recovering track star, started a goal of running every track in the state of Minnesota right around the time we met. He made it to 233 before we moved.

Conveniently, before I met Matt, I was on a mission to visit every brewery I could! (Much less healthy, arguably more fun). I made it to 21 unique breweries in Minnesota.

Now that we’re together and living in a more travel-friendly area of the U.S., we’ve decided to visit all 50 states together.

There’s one catch: we are CHEAP people.  

Follow our adventures as we seek the best hikes and the best tastes in every state — on a serious budget!