10. Ohio, revisited (This time… Athens!!)

Ohio was state number 10, but we always wanted to get back and visit my college town, Athens, together. I’m happy to say we made it back, if only for 24 hours on our way to Kentucky!

It was great showing Matt around OU — eating and drinking our way down Court Street. We visited with my sorority sister, Lindsay, and my awesome old bosses at Brenens.¬†

With a stop at Little Fish Brewing, and fighting the rain to wind through campus, I’d say it was a great day with my favorite person in my favorite city!

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18. North Dakota

This state number is a *tad* out of order. We visited North Dakota during a blustery summer day, while on vacation with Matt’s parents! When it’s too cold to go in the lake: take a little day trip instead!

We walked by the famous Art Deco-style Fargo Theater, popped into some antique stores, and had lunch at an awesome wood-fire pizza place called Blackbird.


We got a track and a brewery in, too. We made a great stop at Flatland Brewery, and Matt ran the track at North Dakota State!


Even though it was really windy and didn’t at all feel like early August, it was fun to *finally* make it to Minnesota’s northwest neighbor.




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